1. Hey Mabel

From the recording MOONSTONE

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Hey Mabel

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...for all the Mabels out there ~



Garden flowers waiting to be watered
to be cared
Bird bath yawns cause it is running dry
Letters spilling over from the mailbox
by the gate
Vines are closing in on your back porch...

Mabel won't you get up
put the coffee on
The morning sun is tickling your face
Open up the window
shut the TV off
The dog wants out,
is waiting by the door...

It's been just fourteen days
since they took your license away
You didn't see it coming, didn't know
They say you failed the test
and there is nothing you can do
Now time is going by so very slow...

Mabel won't you get up...

Mabel calls a taxi and waits alone
out by the curb
She writes the test
and sends a little prayer
The office girl just smiles,
Mabel holds the papers to her heart...

Mabel wont' you go
and put your lipstick on
The morning sun is tickling your face
Get the car keys out
and slowly open the garage
Your Chevrolet is leaving for the day...

written by Britta Wolfert