1. Cat Tango

From the recording MOONSTONE

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Cat Tango

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...between the Cat and the Man ~



Between the Cat and the Man
I am inspired
To drive the getaway car as I desire
Between the purring and the snoring
I conspire
And lay awake at three a.m.
just plain on fire...

The cat decides to walk my stomach
oh so reckless
The Better Half leaves me
a quarter of the mattress
This room is freezing
cause he doesn't share the covers
So ow I sit here by the woodstove
and I hover...

Just flicking whiskers from my ear
and rolling logs away from here
I am now contemplating
sleeping in a tent
At minus forty that's not wise
so I just sigh and compromise
Sleep on the couch
and lock the cat into the bath...

But before long one culprit wakes
to write a novel
The cat comes scratching at the door
to scream for morsels
And now the kids come home
from being out all night
Complain the food left in the fridge
is just not right...

Just flicking...

There is an attic in the woodshed
by the Highway
Where I can hang out, get away
and have it my way
The Better Half, the Better Kids
the Better Cat
Will be just fine as they all house
under one hat
Will be just fine...
Will be just fine...

written by Britta Wolfert