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Back On The Road

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...back when we met ~



Now you're back on the Road
And I feel the World for you
I know you'll be fine
Every traveling dream of you
will come true ~ ooh
I'm sitting here at home and paint the colours of my traveling dreams
But I feel good because I know
that you're happily out on the Road
Like I was on the Road...

You know it's been long
Since we shared the hearts and the tears
But Love can be strong
Again you took this caring heart of mine
In no time
I wonder where went sun and moon
You put me in another world
You make me strong
and make me love you
And I know we were never apart
never really apart...

I never wanna hold you back
Don't wanna fence you in
I only wanna have a chance
To see you once again
I know you feel the same for me
We understand so much
The wind and clouds will make us free
But we'll always stay in touch,
stay in touch...

Now I'd like to move
But my job here nails me down
I sure need some bucks
Before I hit the Road again with my pack
Give me some time
Tomorrow you are back again
And that is just enough for me
I'd like to see your face again
And to hold you so close in my arms
And to feel your warmth...

written by Britta Wolfert