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Solstice ~ Into the Light 

This year's Solstice just a couple of days ago, has been just magical, from a natural view point. 

Check out the pictures below. Gratitude to be able to witness this phenomenon...

Into the Light!


From My Hearth to Yours 


I love to write: Letters, Songs, Musings, Poems, you name it. So, besides performing music, this is the other passion. And besides writing, the third passion is Nature Photography. 

This is an invitation into my Northern Ontario life in the wilderness, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, music and word, friends and neighbours, necessary trips to town, happy trips going home, beauty of the land and struggles to keep this planet going for the next 7 generations.. 

I would love to treat you to Photography and Song, to Written Word and Poetry, are you on board..?

Looking forward to see you soon. -Britta