MAY 7TH, 2021 ~ The Outpost

The Musings Blog continues at last!


It took a few things to move forward with my Blog, including a massive Eureka moment:

1.) An awkward message to someone, left unanswered.

2.) An overnighter at the Domes, first one since last fall (change of wallpaper).

3.) An entire pot of French Press coffee the following morning at 0 Celsius.

4.) A paper pad, wooden pencils and a child's pencil sharpener leftover from the kids...

5.) Chair by the window, next to the woodstove...

6.) Peace and Quiet. Morning.

It is my urge to continue 'Musings Blog' at this time. 
But without the intensity the previous 30 Day Challenge only a mad artist can brilliantly bring on. 
This time the Universe is in charge. 

For the next few months, creator allowing, we will spend ample time at the Outpost, working and writing, playing music and waiting.

Yoga practice has taught me so much since the last 30day Blog / Yoga challenge I objected myself to willingly.

How have I been clinging on so desperately for the past 2 years... trying to be who I am NOT.

I am NOT a musician. I am a multi talented artist, with a passion for listening to and singing Jazz ~ deep from my soul, soulfully. And I am proud of my accomplishments. I am unique. Have been living my life uniquely,  away from herd mentalities, holding my head up high. 

I am a writer. I am a poet, like my father and grandmother before me. A crafter of song. 

I am NOT a performance animal, although I have lived like I am...

I am a shy, solitary animal with a passion for nature.  And a passion for a well crafted jazz performance with fellow musicians, in a mindful setting. 

I am a fierce activist, standing up for planet, water, air and land. 

Should I survive this pandemic or in case of other unforeseen events or

incidents capable of whisking me off this planet and into another realm..

I sure want to have done my part raising awareness as I see fit ~ 

help stop this 'Runaway Train Wreck' on this planet, created by

us humans. 

The demise largely ignored by most of us. 

I have an obligation to do so.

For my children. For your children. 

For this planet.

It's our 29 year young son, who ordered this book for the family library.


He ordered it from Indigo books, because our kids care about the future of this / his planet.

Because Forrest admires and respects Alexandra Morton and her work, who has dedicated the best years of her life to make a difference in the face of greed, ignorance and people who do-not-care.

We now are proud owners and readers of her crucially important book, supporting her and her cause. Check it out.

And we shall discuss and ponder the importance of advocacy for our planet (there is no Planet B.. did you know??) 
Even if Elon Musk says so. 

This is where it's at. You don't find another living space offering FREE fresh air, water, sunshine, moonlight and soil in abundance.

But, only if we all take care of it, stay vigilant and stand up for Mother Earth. 

Happy Mothers Day! 

And now, why not treat your self to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, starting today!






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