May 15, 2021. 4. ENVIRONMENT.

A warmer morning at the Lake and bird sounds have definitely increased ~ just overnight. I see Kingfisher, Nuthatch, Raven, Crow, Winter Wren, and even a Bald Eagle ride the winds above near the White Pine bluff. Another sunny day and I hear a Robin, Ducks, Warblers; prehistoric Loon and Sandhill Crane calls echo across the Lake, haunting sounds bouncing off the ancient Cambrian Shield rock walls surrounding this pristine deep water bowl. farther away, Warblers nearby. 

It's another sunny day. The leafy Maple canopy has not yet formed, nature patiently waits for the nest spring rain soak to unfold further. 

Due to the present leafless state, one can clearly look up to the bluff and watch the White Pines bend and sway in the winds way above ~ a rare treat only visible in spring and late fall. Once the leafy maple canopy has formed, we can only see the Pine elders from the canoe out on the Lake or by swimming out a ways.

Presently, the land is dangerously dry in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. There are utterings of crop failure in the prairies already, as farmers plant their seeds deep, hoping that any moisture in the ground will help germinate seeds and sustain plants. But the ground is bone dry...

No matter human intent, Mother Nature holds us in the palm of her hand. Even the Elons of the world cannot shake that fact. Mess with the elements and eventually the graces this abundant planet Earth has had generously provided, will cease. Those who indiscriminately and willfully destroy resources, need be offered a front seat on the next exploration rocket to Mars. Perhaps their departure gives the planet a chance to recover. 

As for me, I very much like it here. 



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