May 14, 2021. 3. SINGING

It's a three-sweater morning. As the sun rises over the mountain behind the Domes, giant majestic White Pine trees towering over the Maple canopy are illuminated, featuring expressive limbs often frequented by Bald eagles. 

Coffee mug warming my hands, I venture down to the shore to fetch lake water to be sent through a Katadyn water filter pouch to become safely palatable. Crouching down on the beach while observing early morning wildlife activities, I can't help but chuckle to the tunes of about 6 different woodpeckers in different locations around the Lake, taking turns drumming profoundly, each trying to outperform the others!


Singing and writing poetry are in my genes, no doubt. Nobody else in the family appears to have a steadfast passion for music, although Papa and his mother both wrote poetry, my grandmother also being an incredible visual artist. 

Quite surely, I could be standing on stages around the world singing Jazz about now ~ the desire has always been there.

Instead, my unwavering wish to live close to and within nature with my family has always been stronger. 

To my defence, I can say to have fulfilled about 90% of lifelong performance dreams, in increments. 

My true musical love of course, singing Jazz, has come to an abrupt end with Covid, with no relief in sight at the present time.

(we interrupt this broadcast: A male merganser swims by this shallow shore fishing, never to be seen again until next spring. His brief female partner will soon be swimming by with 15-25 ducklings in tow, solely raising the chicks by herself!).

We shall see what the future brings...







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