March 25: A Humble Soul

Hello Dear Readers ~

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce a very humble, long time musician friend, originally from Sault Ste Marie and now residing near the St Lawrence River, far away.

We used to jam and play together with friends in the city and up in our neck of the woods, did a few duo gigs at Eddy Kane's, Tek's Sea Food & Peachy's on Bay Street back in the day. Then he left and his music related career really began. Pat Clark is hugely into Neil Young and in his own words:

"Started playing guitar at age 11 on a Roy Rogers guitar. Played in bar bands for 50 years, mostly in a band called 'Ragged Glory' which was a Neil Young cover band.  Started 'RiverSide Music' in Trenton Ontario in 1995 along with production company 'River Sound Systems'.

While being sound tech, I got to meet hundreds of musicians from across Canada. I have done sound work for Willie Nelson, John Denver, The Moody Blues, Peter Frampton, Emmy Lou Harris to name a few. My wife and I are affectionately known as "Uncle Pat and Aunt Denise" by musicians we have hosted in our home.

I battled throat cancer in 2019 and had severe vocal chord damage from radiation therapy. I decided to retire from playing this year."

Such generous soul, Pat gifted me a beautiful and well loved Martin guitar years ago, which had been on tour with Matt Andersen. In Pat's words:  "Matt was playing at the 'Bohemian Penguin' in Belleville  when his Martin started cutting in and out. He got mad and thumped it. The guitar cracked in 3 places! I luckily had my  Martin in the care and he was allowed to finish the show.

The next day he was headed for Kerville Texas to play a show and I gave him my Martin to take with him. Kerville is the festival Stan Rogers was returning from when he died. 

I got Matt's guitar repaired and later he started endorsing Lakewood guitars. 3 years passed and he wanted to give me my Martin back but I had considered it a trade. I wouldn't accept it. 

Then you and I reconnected and I saw you playing your old black Jasmine... I wanted to get you a nice guitar so I asked Matt for the guitar and paid it forward."   Thank you Pat!

Pat Clark has been a judge for the Canadian Folk Music Awards for the past 5 years. 

By the way, Pat is NOT really retiring ~ I won't let him ~ he just started a home studio and is quietly writing songs. His vocals are in rough shape right now so we will try collaborate, fill in gaps and attempt to work on his music together. This is really great, after all this time..



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  • Pat Clark
    Pat Clark Iroquois Ontario
    Thank you for your kind words Britta. I wish you all the best in your future musical endeavours. Hugs! P

    Thank you for your kind words Britta.
    I wish you all the best in your future musical endeavours. Hugs!

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