March 11, 2021 Solitary Tunings

"You are being presented with choice: Evolve or Remain".


Trying out a few new approaches. New blog name. New website?

Into a new fast moving metabolic renewal routine trice a week. First enthusiastic session almost knocked the lamp down from the low ceiling in the music room doing burpees, whoa! Ha! Good start.

Yoga with Adriene commences each and every day. Saving grace.

Playing catch-up in the household. Appointments. Intense listens to "Women Can Cook" on RealJazz.

New ideas for vocals. Yes! It's my number one instrument and always will be. My passion. My first Love. There we have it!


Moving Forward

Benefits seen from my 30 Day Challenge: 

Daily Yoga promotes Self Awareness.

Self Awareness promotes Focus.

Focus promotes results and well being, if kept up.


That's it for now! Catch you later.



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