Introduction. May 9th, 2021 ~ Mothers Day. Coping with Covid continued.

Notiz: Ich hatte den unteren Text ins Deutsche übersetzt, aber leider hat die Zugabe der Umlaute viel zu viel Zeit verbraucht und ich möchte Euch bitten die Blogtexte via App zu übersetzen wenn nötig. Vielen Dank für Euer Verständnis!  - Britta 

Back again at the Domes ~ icy winds whip across the Lake and scream through the cracks of the walls & doors of the buildings on the bluff. We linger near the woodstove after our hike in ~ backpacked only simple provisions to sustain us.

Astounding how noticeably different I feel this spring as we open up the shutters of the outpost.
In spring 2020 there was an uncertainty, but an odd excitement hung over spring and summer, survival mode. 

This spring though.. I feel dulled down, indifferent.  

Mornings still have pep and awe, as I wake up to make coffee, sit down and write. Listen down by the shore to know which migrating birds are traveling through, watch the weather, see if there are new moose tracks on the beach. 

For this new journal session ( I do not like the word 'blog', it seems so worn and boring) I sat down and, within 10 minutes, there were 36 single word titles scribbled down, stuff I want to talk about.. to clarify. Discussions and musings with myself, shared with whoever may have an interest. Because, you know, we are not on this planet forever, so I better get cracking! 
Already I feel lighter, simply jotting down 36 titles onto the paper pad, great. I'm on to something. Ultimately, I can hear the music again..

I am now challenging myself to dig deep and deeper, exploring my relationship to these one word titles and their meaning, guides for my existence.t

I will follow chronological order of original word drop. Some of these journals will require a bit more research and in depth thought, like really diving down to the bottom of it all to bring reveal and resolve perhaps. Bringing up the treasure, seaweed still clinging, dripping and sparkling in the sun...

We spend the day exploring our Dome back yard, the ancient old growth forest we step through ~ each time in awe ~ on our way to the outpost. But today, off the beaten path, we tread lightly and carefully climb to the rugged Canadian Shield wall facing north. There, facing the creek below and the whale beyond, thrive and persist the ancient mothers, who connect with all the other plants and trees underground ~ roots weaving convincingly around rocks and boulders, honing their strength and permanent place in this rugged forest. 

Here we are: Finding the Mother Trees, on Mothers Day, trying to learn just the tiniest bit of wisdom meandering underground, carrying it back to the Domes, to ourselves, to the world.

Humans need to look at trees differently. Forest exploitation is no longer acceptable, time is overdue to stop, step back and listen to indigenous and scientific wisdom, start with understanding old growth trees and their (our) environment, change destructive forest industry practices and to look at forests diversely, not merely through eyes of greed & unsustainable prosperity. 

Tread lightly, consciously, appreciate what this planet and its forest do for us... besides provide wood paneling for our houses.

Shift in my Yoga practices: Yoga for me, from here, takes place in nature, without internet you tube videos ~ until next winter, if the creator allows. Hopefully, by then, we can breath a little easier and have learned to tread lighter on this earth. One can only hope...


Namaste my friends



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