March 18: Not So Green Anymore

Good Thursday Morning dear Reader....

Spent the past 10 days dissecting 30 day blog & music challenge. It was a GREAT, transformative time. Onwards from here? Perhaps one can:

A.) Withdraw from society into a quiet monastery for the remainder of one's life on this not so green anymore planet.. work on becoming a better human being, making less of an impact, ugh..

B.) Live in a cabin on a rock by the East Coast. Just bring paper, pen, a guitar, Jeff & his happy harmonica, cell phone camera and fish seasoning.  What else is needed?

C.) Continue life in the forest, becoming full time Yogi, meditate until the day we transfers over to the other side..

Running... Away.

Yup. One can dream. Leaving it all behind, starting anew ~ simpler, better, cleaner and happier ever after! Like..

"East Coast's Iodine laden winds whip around our noses whilst we write outrageous but true stories about life on this planet; continuing to uncover the beasts of human nature, the destruction of environmentally sensitive, life giving landscapes, rivers, lakes and forests for the sake of feeding political and corporal greed  ~ and the" 

But ~ do we all really and endlessly need to be slapped in the face  with severity (accused by our children) before we crawl out and away from morose oblivion, stand tall, tweak our conscience and demand the collective mess to be cleaned up ~ by all of us NOW

Speaking of speaking up and speaking out ~ today I am so incredibly honoured and thrilled to introduce to you two most precious, dearly missed long time artist friends:

Painter, performer, pantomime Susie Krause & Poet, musician, composer, performer Harvey Taylor. 

In their own words:

Harvey Taylor: "Playing with songs and poems is primarily how I ‘make sense of the world’ and my place in it… and share such musings with others. Here’s the link to my website, & latest record, ‘Old Souls’: 


Susie Krause: "I’m a quiet observer of life around me…sometimes what I see, comes out of the end of my paintbrushes."

Susie Krause & Harvey Taylor: "We are a song-&-poetry performance duo based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who feel VERY fortunate to be old, old friends of Britta, Jeff, Myrica, & Forrest."

Britta's take: "Harvey has been writing the most deeply touching incredible poems ~ beautifully honest, sarcastic and fierce, humorous & thoughtful ~ bringing to light what most of us often don't see...  All I can say: Every time we read another of Harvey's poems, we feel waves of recognition wash over us, inspiring us to do better. 

Here, one of Harvey's poems, hand picked by The Poet himself:



It all began innocently...babies naturally  

put things in their mouths, nursing and chewing— 

the trouble is, over the centuries, and millennia,  

this baby’s gotten HUGE, but still 

keeps on eating everything in sight, 

and now, BIG BABY has gargantuan teeth 

that rip, crush, and grind up whatever fits 

into an orifice rapacious as the deepest pit. 

Countless buffalo went in a single gulp, 

species after species appetize, then vanish, 

vast forests disappear in the frenzy, 

enormous mountains are consumed, 

belching gold, silver, coal and steel, 

pissing sulfuric acid, crapping slag... 

BIG BABY drills deep-deep holes, to fracture  

shale deposits and capture gas, causing  

earthquakes, contaminating aquifers and wells, 

colossal quantities of highly addictive oily-black  

'milk' are sucked from the earth, intoxicating him, 

creating tar-sands horrors, leaking from idiotic 

pipelines into Sacred Ground and Water, 

spilling from drilling platforms, and tanker-ships,  

blowing up as inevitable rail-car explosions, 

burning in infernal combustion machines, 

bringing Planet Earth to a boil, while 

BIG BABY staggers off in search of dessert, a sweet  

little something like ‘split atoms, a la mode,’  

causing meltdowns in reactors, Chernobyl, 

Three Mile Island, Fukushima, where gigantic  

volumes of extremely radioactive cooling water  

pour non-stop into the Planetary Ocean. 

BIG BABY sneezes, and eons of topsoil blow away, 

he yawns, and the sky turns an ever-more ominous gray, 

his toxic sweat fouls all bodies of water,


essential, Life-giving Water, poisoning them, 

his bowels move, and the planet is overwhelmed 

with herbicides, pesticides, homicides, suicides— 

BIG BABY made a big mess... 


BIG BABY made a big, Big, BIG mess— 

now it’s clean-up time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Harvey Taylor


Leaving us all with this sobering and necessary poem makes my day.  Let's enjoy the arrival of spring. And while we do so, let's clean up what's been lurking dirty underneath the snow ~  virtually and otherwise ~ so we can start a new, crisp, pristine and cleaner year for this planet.


All photos on this page supplied by Susie & Harvey, attached song 'It's a wonderful world', made famous by Louis Armstrong, written by  George Douglas and George David Weiss. 








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