Day 2: Working Through Mazes 

Good morning!

Taking yesterday's stock ~ what did I learn?

I need to get a wee bit more sleep.

My muscles feel sore but happy! 

I need to slow  the yoga video, meaning the practice will take longer but is more relaxed. 

Prior to yoga, I must remember to do a neck yoga practice.. I am soooo tense!I 

I need be more conscious of my breath.

I need eat after yoga practice and drink a ginormous glass of warm water.

I need practice piano in the morning, not at night.. way too tired to even think straight.

I need do vocal practice when everyone is out of the house, feeling more free to belt it out that way and accomplish more. 

I still need to find the right time to curl up with my guitar and get creative.. too many sounds & distractions in the house to really dive in:

~ phone calls ~ wood stove needs loading ~ people in the house ~ thoughts of food preparation ~ thoughts in general..

Writing department: 

Definitely mornings, which means I must get up early to accomplish all. 

Still ironing out the font, size, colour etc, the looks of my writing on the blog page, make it look alright.


Taking stock ~ what works so far?

Beginning to feel 'at home' in my room, however still feeling slightly guilty for doing this for myself.. after a life time of laborous work ~ sitting down while

working on new tricks feels odd. I feel like rushing out the room to physically do stuff. This, my friend, will take time....


But yes, it is happening!

Forever known to hesitate... to overthink, I am totally plunging into this adventure: I am writing!! Of course, the moment I sit at my desk the momentum has vanished.

There will be mistakes, lots of them technically, evidences of imperfection glaring me down... but in time, I will get the hang of it,

I will know what to write about, dig deep into what's important to me. Cause that's what it's all about. Getting over the Angst of failure, casually I must write from the heart and ~ grow!

This is the plan:

Grow muscle tone, grace and confidence again  doing yoga.

Re-grow confidence, self respect, inspiration and enthusiasm just by writing. 

Grow new habits. Like having my work room plainly in order, organizing my day, practicing piano, vocals, guitar  at the right time of day, all in one day.


I was so totally behind yesterday, there are chores waiting to be done in between, so I will need to adjust what I can realistically accomplish in one day.

Thus: A challenge! And I am accepting it. Saying YES.. 


Today's tune:

'People' from my Solitude album. 

Because we cannot emphasize enough that there are people out there, not so lucky. They lack house, homeland, clean food and water. We need be conscious and do what we can to help.

You can enjoy the song right now, just click the button below.


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