Day 6: We are in Control - Kind of

Good promising Morning!

Up and at it early today. The floor in my work room seems particularly drafty today.. even the heater fails to remedy that. Regardless, an extra sweater and socks take care of that. Body and soul are happy doing Yoga with Adriene!

Taking stock from Yesterday:

What great surprise to see many encouraging emails in my inbox, following the newsletter sent out the other day! I enjoyed reading and answering each and every one of your mails. So personal and touching. Although I will try to do that earlier in the day from now on, because again ~ at night my capacity to be genuine and on topic is generally diminishing.. Hopefully my replies made sense. It will get better in time, one needs to reacquaint with the skill of real letter writing!

Some friends connected and re-connected via 'contact Submission' on this website, in some cases updating their email address. Also with some added personal notes. again, I do enjoy this much more than social media!

Piano and Vocal exercises went well felt like furtherment in my life (furtherment: new word in my vocabulary! Who knew.)

Looking into today:

I will boldly publish this now without adding a music track. Why? I need urge myself to add a new song today. Still with Tom in mind, because I thought immediately of a cover song when I heard of his passing. So I will want to honour first thoughts, right? Add to that task today the routines of piano and vocals, as well as making meals and other daily chores, including getting outside for fresh air ~ and my day is complete, considering unforeseen circumstances of course.

Have a fruitful and happy day. I see you later with a new song attached below!

... and like a Navajo Rug, mistakes resemble signs of authenticity. Thus, the music file below is ~ once again ~ a 'first take' and thus far from perfect. That's okay.

For Tom: 'The Only Living Boy in New York' by Simon & Garfunkel, slightly altered. Recorded before doing my vocal exercises today, as there were no distractions in the house at the time :)

You hear a few squeaks in the upper range, as well as some rusty guitar playing. But it's definitely sung from the heart.

Continuous fair winds, Tom...


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