Day 9: Happy Valentine's Saturday! 

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! 

What a beautiful morning. I managed to do yoga, coffee and sauna clean-up before indulging in strawberry chocolate cheesecake together with Jeff :)  beautifully created by Sarah @scottcoffee Sault Ste Marie.

What a lovely treat! Also took a photo of the ultimate 'altar of the north' ~ our Finnish Sauna.The early morning light was just magnificent, whispering promises of spring and maple syrup season to be upon us soon... 

I also had to share a photo of our beautiful old lady sauna in glorius morning  illumination... 

But now back to the regular program. 

Taking stock from yesterday: 

My apologies, first of all, for not posting a tune last night. Instead, I worked for a fair amount of time on a set-up to take a music video 'selfie... An odd experience, with the amp hoisted up onto my desk in front of the mirror, microphone & guitar set up so not to create screeching feedback in the process; setting the volume for both guitar & mic, duct taping the old Iphone5 and it's batterie attachment (without which it will no longer work) to a clip and strong wire I acquired for a mere $3. at the dollar store; propping up a music stand with a yoga block to gain height and so on... a work in progress indeed. 

Then I had to pin the curtain back just right, so to influence the lighting. And then, I had to get over myself as I loath taking selfies, never mind a video of myself! Ugh! But, it has to be part of the 30 day challenge. There is more than one challenge to be met here... The crowning glory then was to post the video onto Instagram @brittawolfert_music .Then, reminding myself I am doing all this for myself, not for anyone else's judgement and that it will help be grow into a more accepting person. By that I mean ~ accepting myself. Yup, a lifelong journey. 

Then, almost 2 hours of piano practice. 

So once that was all accomplished, I needed to let off some steam and shoveled out a 20 meter path to the sauna, cleaned off the entrance way and started a fire, hauled wood and buckets of water up the trail. By dusk the roaring fire had created that enjoyable Finnish sauna atmosphere to be relished. In candle light and complete stillness. 
I am planning to post a nice Valentines song for you later on, hopefully....

By the way, feel free to send me a message below, your feedback is appreciated, yay or nay! :) 
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Update: I just finished recording "Dance me to the End of Love" by Leonard Cohen for you! Vocals & Guitar, a last minute choice for Valentine's Day!  Please click and listen below. 



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