Day 8: Falling off the Wagon

Good Saturday Morning!

Day 8 has arrived, which means I'm already one quarter into this 30 day challenge! Today's Yoga was Yin, gentle and meditative with some deep stretches.

Taking stock from yesterday:

Sure enough, noticeably and alarmingly, old habits started creeping in yesterday, the little devil perching on my shoulder, hissing into my ear: "Awe.. have a beer, clean your house, surf Instagram, don't you feel guilty, sitting here writing, holding your guitar on your lap?? And playing piano?!  What are you thinking!! Your job is to look after the family, keeping things neat and clean, stoke the fire in the wood stove, find a job, make money, bla bla bla..."

Ugh! I was really hoping it would not come to this.  Yesterday was a disappointment. I 'fell off the wagon' and did not practice piano. I had a beer and read a book last night following hours of kitchen work, forgetting about my goal. Darn! Of course, this morning I feel sluggish and groggy. Time to buckle up.

As my much respected musician friend Doug advises: Compose something every day, no matter how small or meaningless is seems. 

I mean ~ this is not supposed to extend into stress.. have seen enough of tension (and joy) to last me a life time, running Sky Bear Lodge & Lansdowne B&B for nearly 30 years, Achigan Cedar Products for even longer, all  together with Jeff. And of course, happily raising our beautiful children! Add to that the music biz and gardening work...

So, it's all good. Time to re-focus and continue this magic carpet ride, this 30 day journey!. So much more to say. Here we go:

Pleased to say, I went back to Day 4 and posted 2 photos of Tom along with his song! Mission accomplished. Now for some fine tuning for the song, involving newly acquired piano playing skills, if all goes right.

So, check back here later today, perhaps I will have a surprise...

Hey, I am back again. So, in spite of my dislike, making my own video posts, I did it anyways. On Instagram. Unfortunately I cannot post it here. If you have an Insta account, please have a listen.  Otherwise, I will be back tomorrow with a song track for you. Thank you!

By the way, feel free to send me a message below, your feedback is appreciated, yay or nay! :) 

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