Day 7: A Word on Imperfection 

It's Friday ~ I guess.  Good morning!

Day 7 and a rather intense yoga session with Adrienne! Wow. It feels real great though. But firstly my ritual of lighting a candle on the coffee table (adopted from my mother), gazing out the window, holding a mug of coffee, whilst another ever stunning sunrise unfolds, illuminating the ancient Cambrian Shield mountain west of the valley, featuring the east facing bare rock. One can only be a amazed every morning, a different view each day.

Taking stock from yesterday:

I posted yet another 'raw' song recording at the end of yesterday's blog, the tune which had come to mind after finding out of Tom's passing. By Simon & Garfunkel, who helped me through teenage hood, sporting a fairly severe crush on Art at the time. Must have worn their albums out, playing music in the room I shared with my older sister when she wasn't around...  

So why did I post this embarrassing imperfectly recorded, sung and played song?

Everything starts in the raw. Few music listeners have access to the sometimes intense process of developing a tune. Well hidden in studios everywhere, no matter who sings, no matter how famous or established an artist; polished records of famous musicians start at the bottom, same as everyone elses.  Hours and hours of work from scratch often go into a meticulously recorded song. It can be a joyful experience, it can be frustrating and grueling. Mind you, nowadays studios can filter out and tweak imperfections easily with help of technology. But, listening to some recordings, with absolutely no flaw and every note in place, leaves me flat, literally. I need authenticity, realness, soul, when listening to a record, personally.

How about you?

So, to make this point, I bravely posted two very imperfect tunes, recorded with my old IPhone5, amplified merely with my retro Fender Acoustasonic -30 and ~ left them to the mercy of unforgiving airwaves. Yikes. Rusty would moan in pain should he ever hear... 

Today's song track from my album Solitude (posted below), talks of touring by myself and the thoughts associated with that. Having mentioned my brilliant record producer Rusty McCarthy above, I would like to encourage you to check out / purchase his music and listen to a recent interview:

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Thank you for coming along on this trip! :)





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