Day 17: Musings Monday 

It's Musings Monday!

Yet another trip for me & Jeff to the Shores of Lake Superior, marveling at the mystical white glow hovering over the ice & snow covered bays, drapings of mist over the mountains and, thankfully, clear roads, for the most part. 

Day 17 Yoga this morning was 40 minutes long, as I like to slow down the video to really follow each move carefully. This time there were off-mat stretches and I had to weave my arms casually around the legs of the keyboard on one side, then skillfully past a pile and a basket full of sheet music on the other side. The room is well organized and fully functional as long as one keeps to the lay-out of the mat there is no problem. But we are flexibel in our endeavours and innovative, thanks to ample life experience ;)

Taking stock from yesterday:

First time during this '30 Day Yoga / Music / Blog Challenge' that yoga took place in the afternoon; as I was a bit behind on all things blog and needed to catch up! Really it was a day spent on the computer, for the most part, a bit of outside time, playing with the chickens and going for a walk, observing the surrounding square km around the house, noticing the ever changing scenery, animal tracks, weather patterns Mother Nature offers on a daily base. Never a dull moment!

Have you ever met someone you instantly feel kinship with, not really knowing the person at all..?

For me, this happened with fibre base artist Lisa Meschino whom I met at a small Cafe concert while she still resided in Sault Ste Marie. Her art work and personality fascinate me. She lives gently, quietly and humbly, pursuing her creations, portraying special connections between community and nature.  I see it that way, but my admiration of her art work is really indescribable and very personal. So fortunate to hold safe one of Lisa's creations, seen to your right: 'The Approaching Departure of Birds'

Lisa in her own words:

Lisa is a visual artist and community-engaged researcher currently living in Toronto. Her making practice uses drawing, sculpting, and fibre-based techniques to interpret the patterns of the natural world. She holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and her community research work is guided by her three passions – the creative process, social wellness, and education.

Nothing perks up like singing a fast jazz tune with scat and possibilities to improvise! 'It don't mean a thing' was composed by Duke Ellington, lyrics by Irving Mills in 1931. This one is 'smoking'!!

Find me and my ghost band on the attached track below. Solos: piano, guitar, violin and sax. You tube backing track uploaded by karafun.  I opted for Ella's version... 'You've got a ways to go, kid...'  Note: It's a practice track, but tons of fun nevertheless!  You get the idea.

Go swing!!

(Sorry we're so late! It took an hour to convert & upload the tune..)

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