Day 16: 

Happy Sunday!

Up with the chickens today, got a lot done this morning. Cool!

Wrote much of today's blog; absentmindedly clicked 'previous' and... lost everything I wrote.

Sour grapes. So, if things sound a bit dense and have sour overtones ~ at least you know why, haha! Will try to keep things concise today and cut to the important matter.

Taking stock from yesterday:

Highlight for me was recording vocals to a ghost band you tube track, nailing the lyrics and managing to sing the middle part breathlessly. An accomplishment indeed, thanks to Adrienne's yoga breathing teachings! So, check out Day 15's attached track. Now for the fine-tuning.

If you have been an avid snowboarder and patron at Searchmont Ski Resort during the past 15 or more years, mighty good chance you would have met Carole Stubinsky, photographer extraordinaire, soul and volunteer organizer of the Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance.  SAFA was formed to provide freestyle skiers and snowboarders with opportunities to develop skills and experience a competitive environment. In partnership with Searchmont Resort, SAFA fosters the development of local youth in a fun and controlled environment in preparation for competition in provincial, national and international events. 

Carole Stubinsky spent every weekend outdoors at Searchmont Resort, no matter the weather, volunteering her time, photo equipment and her love for the kids and the sport. Always there for the kids, she has helped them through various challenges and as a parent I am DEEPLY thankful for Carole's dedication.  Searchmont Resort and all us parents owe her a ton of gratitude! Carole deserves an award.   http://www. safasnow. 

Carole is most certainly photographer of choice for my album cover art and promo photo shoots. Not comfortable having my picture taken, she has the experience, skill and touch, turning each photo into a work of art! I am so pleased with both my album covers and highly recommend Carole to everyone for your next photo shoot!



Carole Stubinsky: 705-206-6230


Today's tune below is from my Moonstone album: Back On The Road. Written shortly after meeting Jeff,  we had to part for a longer period of time. One of the first tunes...

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