Day 15: Reset


National elections are imminent in Canada and we have to ask ourselves: What kind of leader is needed to turn things around hard, in regards to climate change.

Recently observed leadership from ALL parties has shown no bold action when it comes to: 

~ Curbing fossil fuel production

~ Introducing new green energy projects and jobs

Justin Trudeau's lame attempt to train more fire fighters is a joke, if fires we have seen this year in Canada weren't so serious. It's like a pitiful band aid on a festering wound that will ooze year after year, burning up forests, lands, wild life, people, houses. Trudeau, if he wants to be re-elected, needs to INSTANTLY consult green energy entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and bright people who are gung-ho to make the necessary changes. 

Time for REAL leadership. Someone is desperately needed now, who is NOT afraid to stand up to stale CO2 releasing industries, halt old dinosaur projects and instead start fresh ~ utilizing the know-how of bright young entrepreneur, innovators, scientists, leaders who care and know what's at stake. 

We cannot afford further rises in temperature, folks!
Leaders like NDP John Horgan in British Columbia have shown alarming tendencies towards totalism, completely undermining what's left of democracy in Canada. John Horgan has:

~ Boldly first ignored urgent demands for calling a state Of Emergency, even as wildfires swallowed up entire towns and forests in British Columbia ~ then sending logging company Teal Jones in to CLEAR CUT the very old growth forests which temper and balance the earth's climate, capable to halt the alarming temperature rises we are all facing. Instead, he sends in brutalizing RCMP (not unlike what's been happening in Toronto and Halifax recently) to 'extract' and arrest mostly young protesters who stand up to his irresponsible permission to erase the only natural environment left to save us from definite demise and deprive our our children of their future survival. 

And as the forests are still burning out of control, Horgans in-action in changing course, slowing down fossil fuel production and introducing much needed green energy ~ is only topped off by him sitting back doing NOTHING ~ but GOING ON VACATION, literally leaving RCMP run his 'business'!

Is this the type of leader Canada needs now? 

Let's get off the couch, listen up, inform ourselves and stand up to a foul leader who is only interested in his power at any cost. 
Call your local political leaders.
Easily google their phone numbers.
Demand immediate change, NOT promises!

Attend One Of These Already Organized Protests
On Monday All Over British Columbia 
Against Illegal Police Brutality Witnessed At Fairy Creek 


Today's powerful, soulful, inspiring tune that will 
energize you into action
written 1966 by Gene McDaniels


Les McCain & Eddie Harris ~ 'Compared to What'


Compared to What Gene McDaniels ~ Copyrighted 1966

I love to lie and lie to love 
A-Hangin' on, we push and shove 

Possession is the motivation 
That is hangin' up the God-damn nation 

Looks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!) 
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? Everybodynow! 

Slaughterhouse is killin' hogs 
Twisted children killin' frogs 

Poor dumb rednecks rollin' logs 
Tired old lady kissin' dogs 
I dread the human love for that stinking mutt (I can't use it!) 
Try to make it real — compared to what? Everybody now! 

The President, he's got his war 
Folks don't know just what it's for 

Nobody gives us rhyme or reason 
Half of one doubt, they call it treason 

We're chicken-feathers, all without one gut. Can’t believe it! 

Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? (Sock it to me) 

Church on Sunday, sleep and nod 
Tryin' to duck the wrath of God 

Preacher's fillin' us with fright 
They all tryin' to teach us what they think is right 

They really got to be some kind of nut (I can't use it!) 
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? 

Where's that bee and where's that honey? 
Where's my God and where's my money? 

Unreal values, class distortion 
Unwed mothers need abortion 

Kind of brings to mind ol' young King Tut (He did it now) 
Tried to make it real — compared to what?! 

(Music break) 

Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? 

Vocals: Les McCann 

Donald Dean, Leroy Vinegar, Benny Bailey, Eddie Harris


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