Day 15: Half Moon, Half Through.. 

Good Saturday afternoon!

A gorgeous pre-spring morning with sunshine, light snows and a 'half moon' yoga session with Adrienne!! Yes, it just so happens to be real half moon time as well, such perfect timing. 

Taking stock from yesterday:

I think I already touched base on everything in yesterday's late eve blog!

I can feel a definite shift, a restless notion, an urging to get outside and immerse in nature ~ temperatures certainly have eased, one can sit outside and have a tea, bathing in the warmth of the sun. Spring fever is about to erupt! Can't wait to go to camp :) 

Yesternight's half Moon also marks the half way point of this, my 30 day Yoga, creative music & blog challenge. Must say, I am amazed with myself, having persisted thus far:

~ Have NOT missed one yoga session.

~ Have NOT missed writing one blog.

~ Have NOT missed providing 1 song per blog.. perhaps a track from one of the two albums, maybe a newly recorded cover or so far 1 new original I may have solo played at the Watertower Pub or at the Roadhouse when the 'living was easy'... back in the day.

~ Interestingly, I admit that piano practice has taken a back seat... Let's see if I can catch up with piano learning in earnest during the second half of this challenge! It does not help that I almost cut my left index finger tip off while slicing bread a few days ago... it is slowly healing.. nasty cut.  Excuses, excuses.. My goal is to record at least one song played on the piano and sung along with, before this 30 day challenge is over. 


Thankful for the mentorship & teachings she provided to our daughter Myrica, I am honoured to feature today:Karen Nisbet, multi talented & skilled, much admired Sault Ste Marie artist and former high school teacher.

In Karen's own words: I have a BFA from Queen's university 1975, and after teacher's college went on to teach high school art for 31 years. After retirement I spent the next ten years creating sets for local theater, eventually switching to pottery, which is my main focus these days. I enjoy a wide variety of media, so I'm never bored! You can find me on Facebook at Hummingbird Studio in groups, or on Instagram at @karen.nisbet.

Today I am working again on a new jazz tune, a well known instrumental.

'Take Five' was written by Dave Brubeck, who would have turned 100 this year. Lyrics by Carmen McRae, who sings through the main part of this song WITHOUT TAKING A BREATH! 

Welcome to my mega challenge today, wish me luck. Will attach my practice session below. 'Canned' you tube jazz ghost band today by  'MishaG9'. Yoga has really helped open and expand my breathing: I succeeded singing the mid section w/o taking a breath :) Note: Recording quality is basic.


Feel free to post message below or send an email, your feedback is appreciated, yay or nay! :) 

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