Day 14: Family Day 

Good late Evening to You!

It has been a picture perfect day from the album of this entrepreneurial family, for sure.

Yoga with Adrienne Day 14 started my day out just fine. Then .....

One has to understand this family and all that keeps a self employed clan going, especially once spring approaches.

I dropped everything today to accompany Jeff on a discovery journey towards Lake Superior. Such a beautiful day and we have always supported each other in the quest for new ideas and venues.

Coming home, it was already time to get dinner organized so I did not start to organize my Day 14 until about 8 pm, because we also had some fascinating, urgently important discussions involving aliens. Yup.

Then, while organizing a potential video sample for Instagram, our satellite internet went rogue ~ again ~ so I recorded and attached a track for you instead. A song I used to play for an appreciative crowd at the Roadhouse SSM back when live performance in bars still happened and provided income for musicians. But things have changed. 

I would encourage anyone who loves music to purchase a CD / Tape from your favourite musicians to help them out in these dire times ~ you can really make a difference that way. 

Today's featured person is our daughter Myrica, who is a fantastic musician and visual artist. Like so many true artists, she does not promote her work, but merely is deeply involved while at work creating..  I believe 100% in her! She had an incredible artist teacher in high school, who taught her to work with a variety of mediums: Karen Nisbet will be featured in tomorrow's blog. I would have loved to post more of Myrica's art work, but.. ;) I guess that's normal, I am simply proud of her and her art work!

Enjoy a free, raw track of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' today. We all need such beauty in our lives.

Be well. 

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