Day 13: Tapes, tapes and tapes! 

Thursday the Thirteenth!

And I'm working the nightshift today, just got back from town. Had to get out of Dodge, we needed to do business in town, so I  saturated myself in the old growth pine and maple stands of Hiawatha's Pinder 4 k trail, skiing myself back into a good mood. At -15 C wearing just a wool sweater, ski pants & no hat, I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh cold air breezing through fabric and hair, refreshing every cell and soul in my body. The rhythmic motion of X-country skiing in-track is really an invigorating treat, as I normally do back country snow shoeing, skiing or hiking. Feeling great!

Taking stock from yesterday:

Busy in so many ways, and that's life. I realize now that powering through a 30 day promise is not as easy as it seems.  Nice idea, but one also has to tend to other aspects of daily life, especially when self empowered. Lots to assess and to tend to at any given time. 

In fact, I am finding that taking a break from parts of an intense schedule makes one returns refreshed and ready for more. The brain will have had time to work through new materials and one gets back on track with new perspectives. 

So coming back from town today, I eagerly opened our mail box at the Community Centre and excitedly pulled out a wee, light package about the size of a... TAPE! You know, I have been watching videos and following pictures on Instagram for a while of a local artist I do highly respect for his easy going demeanor and persistence in his craft: DJSeith.  Having grown up using tapes to record my music, concerts and just listening to tapes, (including dealing with horrifying 'tape salads' when something goes very wrong) ~ I became increasingly curious as to what DJSeith so confidently produces and promotes: His mixed & recorded tapes.

Being an artist myself, I often trade or buy other artist's work. So I signed on to DJSeith's monthly Tape Club.

Every month he puts out a new tape production and I have subscribed.

Subscribed, without even knowing whether I have a tape player..  And if I do, does it work?! I trusted the universe on that and just forged ahead, very happy to support his fascinating endeavour!

So today, before dark, I clambered into the dark corners of our attic and found an old, cold but functioning looking 'The Band' tape in a cardboard box at the bottom of an intimidating cardbord box pile and took it back to the house.

With trembling hands, I pushed the release button for one of the tape chambers on our old stereo, which we rescued a few years back from a house to be demolished.  Now imagine, I have not touched a music tape in probably 25 years. THAT FEELING of sliding the tape into the tape chamber (at first the wrong way around of course..), clicking it shut, then finding the 'ON' button and ~ finally pushing it ~ indescribable! At first, The Band moaned and put out an alarmingly muffled sound, then suddenly the air cleared and the sound came out proud and strong!

So then, I put in my newly arrived tape, snapped the cover shut and eagerly pushed the button and: I LOVE IT!  You MUST hear for yourself. Note: original cover art work by the master himself. 

And I am now officially one of the cool kids,

haven't had this much fun in a long time :)

So here we go, I am honoured to introduce to you:


In his own words:

DJ Seith is a producer and hip-hop DJ, focusing on beat explorations, the art of the scratch, and the street that everyone lives on.

Also follow @djseith on Instagram and ask him about the Tape Club.


Today's music choice attached below, is:

'Harbour Rat Blues'

.. which has very little to do with the blog, but who knows...


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