Day 12: Writing 

Bon après midi !

Yes, it is already 2:30pm and I am only now beginning to dive into keeping my promise ~ 30 days and none less. Today, morning & afternoon were spent taking a 15 minute sunrise fresh air catch walk, 30 minutes yoga, followed by washing dishes, doing laundry, breakfast preps, packing and freezing a huge stock pot full of African Peanut soup made last night, pureeing & freezing 4 pumpkins, baked the day before. 

Then it morphed into more.. house work. No longer could I face downstairs dust bunnies and wood chip accumulations and so had to oblige. My favourite zen-like house task however is carefully sweeping the floors with an old-fashioned fine-bristled broom while listening to 'Real Jazz' on Sirius Radio. A treat! Today Rhonda Hamilton played some fantastic tracks by and with pianist composer Chick Corea, who sadly passed away suddenly on February 9th. In luck, I was able to listen to a live concert track with Chick, accompanied by an orchestra and featuring a beautiful older vocalist Al Jarreau..  the music sent warm shivers up and down my spine as they performed 'Spain', a song I have off and on been working on vocalizing since teenage years, trying to channel Al Jarreau. Some day.. soon.

Taking stock from yesterday:

The day had been carefully planned out.

Interesting how things can change. I had a sudden desire to film and record myself singing 'Blue Skies' by Irving Berlin, so to re-enter the world of jazz vocals and to include the wav track on the blog page and to post a video on Instagram. Manifesting my return to singing jazz. Piano practice was conveniently set aside in favour of vocal work!

Eager to pursue this, I left the blog aside and spent a couple of hours working on 'Blue Skies'. By the time I got back to the blog, after converting & attaching the track, I proceeded to post the blog. It would not work. I refreshed the page, posted again and ~ lost half of my script, photos and frills. Aggravating... 

I had to rewrite from memory and insert the photo again, then finally posted it at almost 6 pm.  By that time it was too late to practice piano ~  time to make dinner. 

It's okay though, we need to follow our true passions as artists, sometimes change direction. Sweeping the floors this morning while listening to jazz also gave me some new, exciting ideas to pursue..

When I first had the idea to start a blog, I asked my friend and writer Mary-Lynn Murphy for advice and book resources. She was quick in recommending 2 books and also generously offered to lend them to me for a while.                                                 

These two books are amazing!     

"Writing down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg 

"Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott

Easy to relate to and also hilariously written, I try to read a chapter every night. I even discovered "Writing down the Bones" on our own fully loaded book shelf! Will have to acquire "Bird by Bird".


Mary-Lynn Murphy is a remarkable writer and I am taking the opportunity to share with you some of her background information today.


Mary-Lynn Murphy is a remarkable writer and I am taking the opportunity to share with you some of her background information today.


Here is Mary-Lynn, telling us a bit about her work: 

Mary-Lynn Murphy is a writer living in Northern Ontario, near Lake Superior's eastern shore. Her novel, 'Finding Grace', is set partly in this area; her fiction and poetry have appeared in several Canadian literary magazines--most recently the winter 2021 issue of The New Quarterly (

For more information: 

Contact Mary-Lynn here to purchase a copy of her book: .


'Elevator' from the Solitude album is song of choice today, attached below, especially since it is Mary-Lynn's favourite song on the album.




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