Day 11: Blue Skies 

Good lovely morning! 

Taking 10 to tidy up work spaces after a great half hour of yoga. My room is small, but well organized. Just need pick up scattered sheet music, fold a pile of laundry to stuff into drawers, then add some tissues dotted with drops of lavender. Love the fresh scent! The day can begin. 

Taking stock from yesterday: 

Ah... days are getting longer, hours of the day don't.. so here's another tweak in this journey: Go to bed earlier, get up earlier, although I am already an early bird.  As a morning person, I get so much more done, so it's time to buckle up once again. Estimation: 

~ Coffee (30) 

~ Yoga (30) 

~ Blog beginnings (45) 

~ Breakfast (30) 

~ Vocal exercises (15-20) 

~ Blog continued (maybe switch this one with Vocal exercises or I lose momentum..) 

~ Grandchickens  & Cockatiel care (30-45) 

~ Blog continued  (?) 

~ Song choice of the day! (60 or more) 

~ Piano practice... I still struggle with this, as it requires lots of focus & energy, but... 1000 hours. (120) 

Somewhere in between or thereafter one needs to prepare meals, care for the sprout trays, put a log on the fire (thanks Jeff for bringing in the fuel wood every day:) and do other tasks like banking and music administration. 


Music administration yesterday took a while, as I finally uploaded all 10 Solitude wav tracks via our sloth internet system, to an email to the CBC music library (yes!), 2 years late... I just couldn't come up with the will and energy... But better late than never. Art work, credit & bio went along and it actually mailed out swiftly! I was surprised that it even sent, given thee largeness of thee attached files. Thanks google (grudgingly..). 



Today I would like to introduce to you one very inspirational woman and friend in my life: Zaynab Wilson. Zaynab plays drums on my album 'Solitude' and is an all around natural talent, skillful multi instrumental musician and artist. Please visit her website, get to know her a bit and follow her on Instagram 

@zaynabwilsonmusic if you like! 

And of course listen to her drum work on 'Solitude', most tracks are first take ~ amazing! 

"A Soul and creative Artist of her Time" ~ 

By the way, feel free to send me a message below or an email,  feedback is appreciated, yay or nay! :) 

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Song Choice, find track recorded today just below: Blue Skies by Irving Berlin (1926). You Tube musicians uploaded from 'Kzmonova': 








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