Day 10: 'You Want It Darker' 

Good chilly morning!

Catching up with oneself, after a restless almost sleepless night; requires focus yet reflection so to find out why the night was so torturous. Conclusion is that writing really opens a can of worms in my head, eager to spill its contents.

Day 10 ~ and daily patterns are shifting, priorities are changing, interestingly enough. 20 more days to go and still so much to say! We shall see...

Question is: Why haven't I been writing all along? It seems to come natural, brings feelings of contentment and purpose. In school (remembering here..) always excelling in essay and interpretational writing, language and art; I was lousy at anything mathematical and even horrified of it.. music theory included. Can't be good at everything!

Taking stock from yesterday:

So pleased that I was able to record and attach Leonard Cohen's 'Dance me to the end of Love' to the blog yesterday. I will try to do this more now, record and post raw recordings. I like it. 

All went well and goals were met. New development: I will alternate certain tasks: Daily blog stays, piano practice stays, working on new vocal tunes will take a back seat as it is very time and energy consuming ~  while recording and attaching tunes to daily blogs takes priority now. Covers, or if possible, newly written tunes. Also tunes from my albums of course.

In an effort to get away from the ever alarmingly invasive and powerful and rapidly rich growing corporations such as google, amazon, walmart, spotify and the likes ~ starting at the core grass roots: Me. 

Learning every day how to avoid these uncomfortably powerful entities, I have been researching a bit. Technically, I am not sure yet how this is effecting my privacy on the internet, but I researched, then signed on to Proton VPN (Virtual Private Network) in an effort to dodge google's probing into private spheres. 

I also tried getting away from g-mail and signed on to Protonmail to gain further protection against ever bold privacy invasions of google. Seems google is well on the way to coral us all nicely into herd mentalities...Only we can change that as individuals.

This is why it is so important we stand up for and support local independent businesses rather than box stores like walmart and online giants like amazon for example. If we don't ~ the rich get richer and more powerful, while populations become powerless. Again, grass roots...

Alternatively, I eagerly waved goodbye to the ever mighty google search engine, welcomed 

search engine into my life instead! Very fascinating. I follow Ecosia on Instagram and their work is truly inspiring in this world of corporate greed. Check it out! 


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Today's song for you is, appropriately,  'Cold Cold City' from my Solitude album. A tribute to a city which continues to allow 100 year old dark age industry to rule and devastate surrounding air, soils, water ~ poisoning its people in the process, with political approval.  Let that one sink in.

Once again.. change comes from the grass roots ~ people who are conscious and not afraid to demand necessary transformation, respecting climate change, along with the rest of this planet.  This type of extreme pollution would not be tolerated in civilized, Western  European countries. People would stand up and protest until positive change occurs. After all, it is our children's future.

As it is, 'This' city continues to live in the dark ages, enabling toxicity.

'You Want It Darker' ..

Check out the fantastic Music Video for Cold Cold City by the amazing @jaderobertsonfilms . In fact, much gratitude goes out to Jade and his family @jcksnrd & @tinyweecabin Paula and friends for their support & patience during the video shoot. Truly a magical time, plus Jade pulled it all together skilfully and swift, due to a looming deadline. 

Plus he provided the donuts and coffee! I owe you Jade...

Watch Cold Cold City right here on this website or on Vimeo:



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