DAY 1: A Wink And A Promise 


 Note: I am embarking on this journey by myself.  But you are warmly invited for the ride :) 

This is written straight from the heart, every day... 

Up at seven  ~ check 

Power still on? ~ check 

Coffee runs through, phew!  ~ check 

Booting up computer, bringing on Adriene, slowing video speed and laying out yoga mat ~ check 

Turning on heater ~ check

Lighting candle ~ check

Perfect :)

REALLY enjoying this session, mentally & physically ~ check 

Shoveling out the front door & deck as the blizzard howls on ~ check 

Wading through snow drifts to the chicken coop ~ greeting & feeding the ladies. No eggs yet ~ check 

Oatmeal prep on the woodstove ~ check 

Filling every pot & container I'm finding in the house with water, should power be interrupted ~ check 

Putting another log on the fire & having breakfast ~ check 

Washing all dishes in case power goes off & grinding more coffee ~ check. 

Checking up on my levels of discipline thus far: Not bad so far. ~ check 



Q: What has shifted for the better today, so far?

A:  Everything. I had the courage to start something completely new, something I always wanted to do.

And sharing it publicly. Because I know.. there are more of us out there who need the courage to

embark on personal change. So why not share, to help encourage others in the same place :)




Below please find a piece for you, from my archives, poorly recorded in a friend's guest room in Germany while looking after my Dad, 'Love' by John Lennon.  It would have been my Dad's 95th birthday today. Note: I do not recall the name of the pianist.. if I find it I'll add it later, k... 

Signing out for today, Namaste. 








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