May 17, 2021. 2. IDENTITY

Another heavy one. So easy throwing words into the ring, carefree and spontaneous. However, it is an entirely different experience to write and relate personally to them...

Well, here we go. This ~ is actually an epic reveal of recent

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May 9th, 2021. 1. MUSIC INDUSTRY

This is a tough subject to begin with. Allow me to look at this topic from the following perspective: 

Music. Industry.

To me; 'Music' embodies Soul, self expression, Joy, hard work perhaps.

'Industry' points towards Money, Greed, Exploitation, Agenda.


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MAY 7TH, 2021 ~ The Outpost

The Musings Blog continues at last!


It took a few things to move forward with my Blog, including a massive Eureka moment:

1.) An awkward message to someone, left unanswered.

2.) An overnighter at the Domes, first one since last

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March 25: A Humble Soul

Hello Dear Readers ~

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce a very humble, long time musician friend, originally from Sault Ste Marie and now residing near the St Lawrence River, far away.

We used to jam and play together

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March 18: Not So Green Anymore

Good Thursday Morning dear Reader....

Spent the past 10 days dissecting 30 day blog & music challenge. It was a GREAT, transformative time. Onwards from here? Perhaps one can:

A.) Withdraw from society into a quiet monastery for the remainder

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March 11, 2021 Solitary Tunings

"You are being presented with choice: Evolve or Remain".


Trying out a few new approaches. New blog name. New website?

Into a new fast moving metabolic renewal routine trice a week. First enthusiastic session almost knocked the lamp down from…

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Celebrating Life & Music

Good Happy Women's Celebration  Monday to Women everywhere! 

Today we all have the opportunity to reflect upon our life's efforts thus far, with a promise to support and inspire each other in the effort to fulfill our most wildest, beautiful

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Day 29: Train Song 

Good sunny but chilly Saturday morning!

The rather abrupt ending of an intense and lengthy venue such as this 30 Day Challenge always feels like standing on the edge of a cliff.  What will come next?

Thinking about the 22

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