Odd as it may sound, the whole idea of a music career dream began crumbling in August of 2015. I had just immersed myself into the making of my second album still unnamed at the time when the news hit me that my father was gravely ill and that I was needed. Now. In panicky empath mode, I dropped everything, booked the next possible flight, hastily grabbed a few belongings and was on my way. I had no idea how the following turn of events would change my life forever. 

At a time of turmoil during the Syrian refugee crisis, there was no escaping the seriousness and urgency unfolding. With doors wide open and women and men from my generation passionately and warmly setting up sleeping quarters and clothing donation centers in school gymnasiums, abandoned factory halls and train stations, selfless deeds sprouted everywhere, nobody worrying about future concerns but dealing with the crisis in an organized and purposeful manner. During the winter there were tents set up near Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, big cooking ovens set up and soup being dished out from ginormous, steaming pots. Likewise refugees lived in tents around the train station while residents went on with their daily work, hasting by, giving out spare change or other items along the way. TBC.



Everything on Earth is Borrowed. 

Once we begin to apprehend the understanding that our stay on this planet is meaningless unless we tread lightly, share with others and behave humbly, the thirst for material goods and fame will wane and we will find compassion for those who need a lift.

Only when we have travelled, lived and worked outside the walls of the safety and comfort our birth community provides; when we have seen and learned from Weisheit and knowledge long established in other communities, we can come back and not merely become kings of the castle but stand as humble leaders capable of welcoming, nurturing and encouraging newcomers to our community. Newcomers such as immigrants, refugees and anyone  who wants to live in and contribute positively to our place, bringing with them the very spirit, fresh ideas and goods necessary for eye opening city improvements.

All too often local politicians, business owners, even university faculty and other public agencies bank on the strong support of their own kin. They stock their surrounding job positions with yes-sayers. That fiercely protected environment eventually suffocates in their own ideas of greatness, while new ideas and people are being blocked off and turned away. That makes for a system which eventually can no longer function, which chases its tail and eventually collapses.