Stepping Out


Time to step out.

Last night, after many times burning to do so, I finally cut loose my Instagram account, the stronghold of my daily life it seems, an addiction I should be able to do without, just like I have done without Facebook for almost a year. It feels mighty good to be free!

In its, in their place, there shall be real life, like Jazz workshops with Sheila Jordan or Anita Wardell, regular Jazz shows with good local musicians, drywall work at home creating a new music space, community music volunteer work, piano practice, vocal practice, guitar practice, good slow cooking with simple ingredients, firewood, laundry soap making, caring for family and chickens and cockatiel, visiting with friends and having meaningful discussions. 

Reorganizing to do what screams to be lived. 

- Family

- Music 

- Art Work

- Community

- Social Justice


"My inspiration comes from the message Duke Ellington gave - you are unique, be yourself, put put that thing that is you, then use your work ethic and produce great music." - Kenny Burrell

Also, sad times knowing Lyle Mays has just passed. Listening to Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays album I picked up from the Rad Zone Sault Ste Marie a couple of years ago.. "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls".

On that note...

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