Day 10: Sun Salutations

"Salutations!" said the voice. 
Wilbur jumped to his feet. "Salu-what?" he cried. 
"Salutations!" repeated the voice. 
"What are they, and where are you?" screamed Wilbur. "Please, please, tell me where you are. And what are salutations?" 
"Salutations are greetings," said

Day 9: Balance

Options! We each and all have options, simple options, to help balance this planet back into well being, one day at a time!

So, as much time as we all spend on our devices ~ why not diversify?
We can…

Day 8: Snuggle

By now we all know that micro plastics (plastics in general) are invading our planet's water, soils, food we eat ~ food chain. 

Sadly, box stores are loaded with cheap product made from plastics (oil derived) which include:

~ fleece

Day 7: Synchronicity

“Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, 
pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, 
and is manifested in each of us through what we call the soul.” 
~ Deepak Chopra

All life on planet Earth has a soul. Meanwhile..

Day 6: Burn

British Columbia Canada is burning to a crisp and that affects us all. In a cowardly move today, @bcrcmp , ordered by B.C. Premier @johnhorgan4bc , is raiding the peaceful protest camps protecting Fairy Creek and other Old Growth Forests…

Day 5: Replenish

It has been a harrowing time for all of us since January 2020 approximately.  Long story short, for me (and so many other musicians) self motivated work towards live performances has been difficult, knowing there won't be live concerts anytime…

Day 4: Listen

In the past month my mind has been exploding with fireworks of concern, anger, grief and helplessness. With family and friends scattered all over the planet, my herding, protecting and nurturing instincts have left me in a state of numbness,…

Day 3: Water

There are apparently 7.9 BILLION people on this planet at this time. Can you imagine? Where does that number leave other creatures ~ mammals, birds, fish..  who too need intact elements to thrive and survive. It's all in the balance. …

Day 2: New 30 Day Blog

New 30 Day Blog Plus +

interrupted here and there by offline days spent at the wilderness outpost, learning about what's important. Consciousness. Caring. Nature. How she ticks. What kills her. What saves her. What WE can do during these…

Fallen July 23, 2021


Of all the trees we’ve ever seen while living on this movie screen 
the movie screen of life ~ is what I mean. 

Old Growth Forests take  our fears ~ give us calm and dry the tears 
Mother Trees…

Shingwauk Hall and Old Growth Trees July 11, 2021

So, I worked on the song lyrics again and made changes.  

I am learning.  

Yes, I knew that historic Indigenous work had been in progress at former residential 'school' / Shingwauk Hall / Algoma University Sault Ste Marie for a


Just a note to say...

Working and writing at Camp on and off throughout summer without internet access (a good thing) while someone called Forrest occupies and works the farm.

We feel blessed. 

Things are shifting again. We all have