Celebrating Life & Music

Good Happy Women's Celebration  Monday to Women everywhere! 

Today we all have the opportunity to reflect upon our life's efforts thus far, with a promise to support and inspire each other in the effort to fulfill our most wildest, beautiful

Day 29: Train Song 

Good sunny but chilly Saturday morning!

The rather abrupt ending of an intense and lengthy venue such as this 30 Day Challenge always feels like standing on the edge of a cliff.  What will come next?

Thinking about the 22

Day 28: The Forrest, the Trees & the Music 

Good maple mountain morning!

Day 28 of the 30 Day journey, amazing!! Yoga Adriene is coaxing her students to start exploring their own renditions of yoga practice rather than following her leadership too closely. Good advice, everyone has different needs

Day 27: Town Day ~ Pre Birth Day 

Good Thursday eve!

Oops!! I woke up today, thinking it was Day 28. Wishful? Perhaps ;) So I did the Day 28 Yoga practice ~ will need to back track tomorrow and catch up with Adriene for Day 27. Determined


Day 26: Status Quo & Consequence  

Good March 3rd morning!

Temps have risen, winds subsided, even the chickens want to venture out into the snowy landscape! They must know something. Yoga's done, Adrienne was a wee bit under the weather today.. I was yesterday. 30 Day


Day 25: Getting down to the Truth 

Good wonderful Morning!

The storm is subsiding, the sunshine is out, chickens have been looked after, fire's been fed, breakfast made and spot cleaning took place. Not much time during last month to get down to the truths of real


Day 24: Sault Ste Marie City Blues... 

Good Monday morning!

An icy cold morning has its wintery grip on us, as it should. March coming in like a lion is normal for these regions and we welcome natural normality, don't we?

Taking stock from yesterday:

Warning: You

Day 23: Gains and Losses 

Dear Friends, good morning!

Yoga and a short walk begin the day, air scents like spring rains. Winds are beginning to rouse and shift constantly, a storm is lingering on the horizon. Winter bargains with spring.

For the

Day 22: Intuition Talk 

Good gentle morning!

On my early morning outside check-up, fresh snow had fallen overnight, sky and landscape carry an irresistible beckoning and bright satiny light ~ as I follow fox trot steps around the house, outhouse and chicken coop, watching

Day 21: The Tasmanian family connection 

Good Day 21 to you!

A bright night, the waxing moon illuminates the snowy fields out front, one must close the curtains for a better sleep! Morning Yoga is so great.. I do not wish to give that up once

Day 20: The better Half 

Good grief. Good morning!

Twice. Twice I lost the blog due to technical glitches. Pictures, text, enthusiasm. Almost all lost. Time. So precious! Almost crying in frustration. I'd rather be outside playing with the chickens. Or shovel snow. Or take