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Born in harbour town Hamburg Germany,  Britta  grew up a small house with her parents, uncle, aunt & grandmother, sharing a room with her sister. They say she sang before talking. 

None of the  family members shared her passion for music, children were to be seen, not heard ~ so she secretly listened to short wave radio late at night, under her blanket..  

Sundays mornings however, she was allowed to listen to a variety of jazz and swing coming from the kitchen radio while her mother prepared Sunday dinner ~ ears glued to the small speaker, Britta listened to Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, Sergio Mendes, Stan Getz, Django Reinhardt.

She bought her first guitar with money earned with her first job, working in the kitchen of a senior citizen residence age 14. 

Britta taught herself to play guitar, soon playing and singing popular folk, pop and rock tunes in folk clubs in and around Hamburg.  With her friends, she regularly hung out in cellar clubs, listening to Dixieland and other Jazz till the wee hours of morning, often driving to the nearby city of Lübeck. 

After moving to Canada in 1983,  Britta performed in and around Sault Ste Marie and later helped form the all female band 'Champagne Breakfast' with four other women, successfully playing at the iconic Zak's and other bars, then at Northern Lights Festival Boreal Sudbury, where she later also appeared with recording band 'Wailing Aztecs'.  

2010 Britta met professional blues & jazz guitarist and producer Rusty McCarthy.  Over the next decade they performed as duo and in bands.  2012 Britta started working with McCarthy on her first album.

MOONSTONE was released in 2013 .

At the 2015 NOMFA Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards in Sudbury, appropriately on her birthday May 30th, producer Rusty McCarthy accepted the 'Best Engineer Award' for his work on MOONSTONE. 

Following the album release, Britta played at Northern Ontario Festivals and toured Southern Ontario solo in 2014.

That year also Britta signed up for a workshop with Detroit / nrew York Jazz vocalist legend Sheila Jordan in Toronto.  

Enjoying her rendition of 'This Masquerade',  Sheila encouraged Britta to attend 'Jazz In July' week long vocalist workshop at the University Massachusetts in 2015, it was a huge inspiration and she continues to keep in touch with many students. 

Britta worked further on Jazz standards and her own compositions, focusing on vocals while performing Jazz Matinees and other gigs with her band. 

In Januar 2018 she applied and was accepted for a scholarship for that year's 'Jazz In July', once again mentored by Sheila Jordan.

Between 2015 and 2018 Britta spent 20 months in Germany, tending to family emergencies. That time frame deeply shaped work on her second album with the inclusion of social justice topic such as the peak of the refugee crisis in Europe and an intimate first time interview with her father.

In December 2018, Britta Wolfert's Jazz infused album SOLITüDE was finally completed and released. Britta's father was able to acknowledge the song she included on her album ~ just months before he passed away.

Since then, Britta has performed with her band for numerous Jazz Matinees, singing Jazz originals and standards.

In January 2020, Britta signed up for a Scat workshop with renowned British / Australian Jazz singer Anita Wardell in Hamburg. 

Due to the Covid crisis, there have not been any performances since March 2020. Britta has been working on new aspects of her music since then, with focus on Jazz.


~ Find below the complete album release concert video, filmed on February 14th, 2019, by Shaw TV Sault Ste Marie, many thanks to Christian Lemay, who made this recording possible. 



"Life does have it's challenges, but being in a good state of mind really helps. Listening to one of your CDs is a great one of many ways of getting there. You have a wonderful gift. We do have a friend in Southtern Ontario who really enjoys your music! Where can I find a copy of one or both of your CDs?"

"I have your Solitude CD.. lovely to listen to while working on my fibre art!" M.M.-G.

" I am working from home today because my son is not feeling well. I put on your CD while I was working and I really enjoyed it!"  A.J.B.

"I've been listening to your new CD and love it! Congratulations on another beautiful musical endeavour! You have a beautiful voice and style that I love to listen to! Hope to see you soon! Keep going with your next musical adventure - you have a real gift and sensitive heart which comes through your songs so beautifully. Love the range and clarity of your voice - this is another treasure!"  C.McH.

"I also want to say that I played your newest CD for my friends who visited me in August from Toronto. They loved it! We played it on repeat every night. Truly, Britta, you have a beautiful jazzy voice. I'm getting copies for them." L.M.

"What a great CD!!!! thanks."  K.B.

"Meinen Glueckwunsch zur CD, die sehr schoen geworden ist. Da hat sich die Muehe gelohnt!" M.G.

"Just previewed your new Solitude project and just wanted to say in one word - 'great!' Your voice and the vocals in general are hypnotizing and compelling. Musical balance and production are so much what I enjoy. Keep on making more. Really high quality."   P.P.

"Deine Musik und die Texte finde ich sehr schön und angenehm zum Hören und Lesen. Die Musik lässig und beruhigend zum Hören, lässt sich nebenbei beim Arbeiten auch angenehm hören, auch begleitend,während einer Unterhaltung. Die Texte, menschlich, natürlich,aus dem Leben, authentisch, emotional, das Herz berührend,mit einem Tiefsinn. Sehr schön! Gefällt mir!"  A.D.

"Very cool music Britta. The words are really heartfelt. I can identify. We are very much enjoying the CD this morning, well done!!! Melody, instrumentals, voice, all!!!" J.W. & S.B.

"Klasse liebe Britta!"  B.K.

"I am listening to your CD while making Pollenation products this morning, btw... What a treat!!  Your voice is so soothing to listen to. Jazz is really your thing! So very proud of you. Keep on sharing that beautiful voice and musical gifts with everyone. Xoxo"    L.A.
Instagram: solit_moon


MOONSTONE testimonials:

 "...but I must tell you how much I enjoy your music-voice of an angel.  Listening to you in church a few weeks ago-what a treat. Britta add me to your email list for sure."   G.W.                                                                                                                                                                  
"Thanks for your mails, letting me know what's happening (referring to the monthly newsletter). You were wonderful at 'Northern Vibes Music Festival', I really enjoyed your concert!'" B.L.                                                      

"I hope you remember singing at our wedding August 2014. As our 2nd anniversary approaches your name often comes up for the wonderful performance you put on that day. We will always remember you fondly."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              "This summer I have had the opportunity to listen often to your CD titled "Moonstone". I just wanted to tell you how much I love it, you have an incredible repertoire of styles on it, all of them great!" 

I will be in SSM early October this year and if you have any performances scheduled there, I would make a point to come listen, and if you have more Moonstone CD's I would like to buy one for my sister.

Hope to see you in the Soo,"   

"We are really enjoying your Cd - favourite so far is No.5 Leonarde!! What a tune!!I have been listeningover and over to it on my way to work."  J.S.& A.H.                       

"Still enjoying Moonstone Album... Hope your new year 2016 goes very well‎... viele danke und auf weidersehen,Britta!"   ~ E.G.

"Dear Britta: I was on a fairly long car trip today, and my joy was that Moonstone was my companion. I am not a good audient most of the time, but in the car I am at my very best. So, what do I think? You love the spirit of Achigan. You have folk roots and jazz wings. Your compassion allows you to draw detailed and poignant portraits. I have to smile at Cat Tango: that cat! those kids! and a tent a 40 below? No way! Hey Mabel was very moving. Tequila and Guitars was such a richly mysterious song I had it on repeat a few times. In Heute I wondered if the quality of your voice changed ever so slightly? The lost dream of In the End is a universal experience, no? and I can certainly appreciate the lyric “love is lacking in society. We've gone a little bit astray…” The lyric and musical textures were appealing in every song, the singing beautiful and the arrangements excellent. Thank you!"
~ A.H.

"Vielen Dank für diese schöne CD. Läuft bei uns im Moment dauerhaft.
Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg Von den Kelbgs und schöne Ostern!"

~ Kelbg Restaurant Hamburg Volksdorf

.."Let me know if you ever produce a new album, I love your current album, play it over and over. It is really great music to paint by". ~ D.C.

"I received yr CD! Am listening while driving from and to work ~ over and again
such a fine production - yr musicians are really great! And so are YOU
love yr voice Britta ~ you must be very pleased" R. .


"I have finally gotten around to telling you how much I love your cd. The choice of songs stretches from heartbreak to raw sensuality. I love the maturity in your melodies. With a bit of German thrown in for fun. The production is flawless. Holy Rusty!!!! Your voice floats out front like velvet. And where did you find all of those incredible musicians. Nice to hear Jeff's banjo too. I put the cd on and have to replay it because I think I missed something. Then I play it again. Wonderful, just wonderful." M.H.

"I particularly liked the song that you wrote for him long ago - what's the title of it again?
And Harvey Taylor was right about your voice being "hallelujah" - I find it angelic, the voice of a very young angel."  C.Z. 

"I am cooking lunch and listening to Britta Wolfert’s new CD, Moonstone.
Please do yourselves a favour and get this CD. It is beautiful, tender, amazing. It is life, the universe and everything."
  ~ P.L.


"I've had the pleasure of calling Britta my friend for the past three decades. From the first time I heard her sweet voice and natural harmonies I thought she should be a recording artist. 30 years later she has finally released her first CD entitled Moonstone. I knew it would be good, I didn't expect it to be "great"! A shout out goes to Rusty McCarthy who did a superb job on recording and production. I've been in the music business most of my adult life and Moonstone is as good as it gets. Congratulations Britta and Rusty on a job well done! Buy the CD."

"I've been listening to your CD as I've been catching up on some emails this morning...and am blown away by the high quality of music and talent you've expressed! So grateful to have met you! I look forward to hearing more from you! Mabel's song touches y heart every time I listen to it." T.B.