Photo images shown in slideshow on left are available for purchase in form of  5x7 Art Greeting Cards framed in white. White envelope included for each card.

Starting with the 'Winter Clarity' Thumbnail example of a back side, these are the titles of the featured cards in this current Winter Blue Series of three (3) cards:

1. "Winter Wonderland"         (Northern Ontario)

2. " Steel Rail Blues"            (Northern Ontario Railroad Trestle)

3. "Winter Clarity"              (Northern Ontario)

Series of 3 original photo Greeting Cards, images shown on left,  including envelopes plus 1 FREE mystery photo card:        CDN $20. inclusive packing & shipping. You may send an e-transfer or send me a message to arrange payment.  Thank you for your purchase, I am sure you will really enjoy these cards! 

Note: New photo  images will be featured for each season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, check back often. They are gorgeously framable. Collect all and change your frames for each season!

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